The 6 Best Online Survey Sites

Taking online surveys for money has become an increasingly popular way for people to earn some extra income in their spare time. With the rise of the gig economy and side hustles, more people are looking for easy and flexible ways to make money from home. Survey taking is one such option that requires little commitment but can pay real rewards over time. 

We will explore some of the top survey sites that provide legitimate opportunities to earn cash and other incentives by sharing your opinions and information. We will look at how these survey sites work, the types of surveys available, how much money can be made, and some tips for maximizing survey earnings.

How Online Survey Sites Work

Online survey companies partner with businesses, organizations, government agencies, and researchers to obtain consumer opinions and feedback. They then provide access to these online surveys to members of their survey panels. When you sign up, you become a member of the survey panel who receives invitations to participate in surveys.

For each survey you complete and qualify for, you will get paid a certain amount of money. Many sites use a point system where points can then be redeemed for either money or gift cards once a certain threshold is reached. Payout methods include PayPal, check, direct deposit, and gift cards to popular retailers.

Different Types of Online Surveys

There are different types of online surveys available on most survey sites. This includes:

  • Product specific surveys: Feedback on products and services by specific brands or companies.
  • Market research surveys: General market research on topics like consumer habits, lifestyles, preferences to inform business decisions.
  • Academic research surveys: Conducted by universities and academic institutions on a wide range of topics like psychology, education, health, etc.
  • Government surveys: Data collection on issues or policies conducted by government agencies or departments.
  • Political opinion surveys: Polls about voting preferences, political candidates or current events.

The survey lengths can range from very short 1-2 minute surveys asking just a few questions to longer 20-30 minute extensive surveys. The longer the survey, the more you are paid.

How Much Money Can You Earn from Surveys?

It is possible to earn extra spending money in your spare time with online surveys, though keep in mind you won’t get rich or earn a full-time income. Most surveys pay less than $1, with average payments per survey ranging from $0.25 to $2. 

For shorter surveys of just a few minutes, expect to earn $0.25 to $0.75 per survey. The longer 20 minute plus surveys tend to pay $1 to $5 per survey. Occasionally there may be higher paying surveys available too.

With most survey sites, earnings can quickly add up if you take the time to actively complete multiple surveys per day or week. Many seasoned survey takers report earning over $100 per month consistently. The highest earning potential is with survey sites that offer a high survey volume and frequent survey invitations by email.

Tips to Maximize Online Survey Earnings

If you want to really optimize your survey taking to earn the most extra money, keep these tips in mind:

  • Sign up for multiple reputable survey sites to increase your survey opportunities. Stick with established, high paying sites.
  • Ensure your member profile is complete and updated. Providing accurate demographic info gets you qualified for more surveys. 
  • Check your email and survey site member dashboards frequently for new survey invitations. Open survey spots fill up quickly.
  • Be honest when answering survey screening and profiling questions to match surveys you qualify for. 
  • Pay close attention to survey instructions so your answers are valid and complete. Rushing leads to disqualification.  
  • Take advantage of referral programs some survey sites offer to earn bonuses.
  • Look for special higher paying surveys, contests and promotions.
  • Redeem earnings for monetary rewards once you hit the minimum payout threshold.

By picking the best survey sites, following these tips, and dedicating time to taking surveys, you can earn respectable supplementary income. Just have realistic expectations, and approach it as a hobby or side activity, not a full-time job. With persistence and dedication over time, those survey payments can add up.

Top Survey Sites That Pay Well

If you are ready to dive into online surveys for extra money, here are some of the top survey panels to consider joining:

  1. SurveyJunkie: Easy to use site with generous point system and huge selection of surveys. Cashout possible with Paypal or gift cards.
  2. Swagbucks: Popular survey and rewards site with many ways to earn besides surveys, including cash back, games, coupon codes and more. 
  3. InboxDollars: Members earn cash for web searches, playing games, shopping online and redeem for gift cards or get mailed checks.
  4. Opinion Outpost: Well-established panel with paid daily and weekly contests, bonuses and sweepstakes entry for active members.
  5. Owned by Leger, this site provides flexible earnings with Paypal payouts and consistent survey opportunities. 
  6. OneOpinion: Rewards members with points that can be redeemed for virtual Visa or Amazon cards with daily survey options.

The bottom line is online survey panels provide a simple yet rewarding way to earn a little extra money online without much effort. Just be selective about the survey sites you use, and dedicate free time to taking surveys. It can become a productive hobby to supplement your income.