How to Solo Travel the World on a Budget as a Woman

Embarking on a solo travel journey is like discovering your own superpower as a woman. It’s an adventure that not only lets you explore new horizons and meet fascinating souls but also unlocks your inner strength. However, I understand that solo travel, while incredible, can present its own set of budgeting challenges. So, how do you satisfy your wanderlust without causing a dent in your bank account? Well, here are some tried-and-true tips and personal tricks that have empowered me to explore the world solo, on a budget. Let’s embark on this budget-savvy adventure together!

Choose your destination wisely

One of the most important factors that will affect your budget is your destination. Some countries are more expensive than others, and some regions offer more value for money than others. To save money, you should consider visiting destinations that have a lower cost of living, a favorable exchange rate, and plenty of cheap or free attractions. Some examples of cheap destinations for solo female travelers are:

Plan your trip in advance

Another way to save money on your solo trip is to plan your trip in advance. This means doing some research on your destination, booking your flights and accommodation ahead of time, and creating a realistic budget for your trip. Planning ahead can help you:

  • Find the best deals on flights and accommodation: You can use websites like Skyscanner or Cheapflights to compare prices and find the cheapest flights to your destination. You can also use websites like or Hostelworld to find cheap and reliable accommodation options. Booking in advance can help you save money and avoid last-minute price hikes.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees and expenses: You can also save money by avoiding fees and expenses that can add up on your trip. For example, you can check the baggage allowance and weight limit of your airline and pack accordingly to avoid excess baggage fees. You can also check the visa requirements and fees of your destination country and apply for your visa online or in advance to avoid delays or penalties. You can also get travel insurance to cover any medical or emergency expenses that may arise on your trip.
  • Create a realistic budget for your trip: You should also create a budget for your trip that covers all your expenses, such as accommodation, food, transportation, activities, souvenirs, etc. You should also set aside some money for emergencies or unexpected costs. You can use websites like Budget Your Trip or Numbeo to get an idea of how much things cost in different countries and plan your budget accordingly.

Be flexible and adaptable

One of the best ways to solo travel the world on a budget as a woman is to be flexible and adaptable. This means being open to new experiences, opportunities, and challenges that may come your way on your trip. Being flexible and adaptable can help you:

  • Find cheaper alternatives: You can save money by being flexible with your travel dates, routes, modes of transportation, accommodation types, etc. For example, you can travel during off-season or midweek to find cheaper flights and accommodation. You can also use alternative modes of transportation like trains, buses, or ridesharing to get around cheaper. You can also stay in different types of accommodation like hostels, guesthouses, couchsurfing, or Airbnb to save money and meet new people.
  • Take advantage of deals and discounts: You can also save money by being adaptable to changing situations and taking advantage of deals and discounts that may come up on your trip. For example, you can use apps like Travelzoo or Groupon to find deals on activities, tours, restaurants, etc. You can also use apps like Hopper or HotelTonight to find last-minute deals on flights and accommodation. You can also join loyalty programs or use coupons or vouchers to get discounts on your purchases.
  • Enjoy the unexpected: You can also enjoy the unexpected by being flexible and adaptable on your trip. You can embrace the challenges, surprises, and adventures that may come your way on your solo trip. You can also learn from the locals, try new things, and make new friends on your journey. You can also be spontaneous and follow your intuition and curiosity to discover new places and experiences.

Travel smart and safe

The most important thing to remember when you solo travel the world on a budget as a woman is to travel smart and safe. This means taking care of yourself, your belongings, and your money on your trip. Traveling smart and safe can help you:

  • Avoid scams and theft: You should be aware of the common scams and thefts that may target tourists in different countries. You should also take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings from these risks. For example, you should research the local customs, laws, and culture of your destination and respect them. You should also avoid walking alone at night, flashing your valuables, or accepting offers from strangers. You should also keep your passport, money, cards, and documents in a safe place or use a money belt or a lockable backpack to secure them.
  • Stay healthy and happy: You should also take care of your health and happiness on your trip. You should eat well, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. You should also avoid drinking tap water or eating street food that may cause stomach problems or infections. You should also carry a medical kit with basic medicines and supplies for minor ailments. You should also get vaccinated for any diseases that may be prevalent in your destination country. You should also stay in touch with your family and friends back home and update them on your whereabouts and plans. You should also make friends with other travelers or locals who can help you or keep you company on your trip.
  • Have fun and learn: The most important thing to do when you solo travel the world on a budget as a woman is to have fun and learn. You should enjoy every moment of your trip, appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world, and learn from every experience. You should also challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and grow as a person. You should also document your trip with photos, videos, journals, or blogs that you can share with others or keep as memories.
Some of the safest countries for solo female travelers in 2023 are:

Solo travel is an amazing way to see the world, especially as a woman. By following these tips and tricks, you can solo travel the world on a budget as a woman without compromising on quality, safety, or fun. Happy travels!